Better Your Experience With These 5 Tips for Smart Online Shopping

Better your experience with these tips for Smart Online Shopping. Online shopping has become a very usual thing now. From groceries and fashion to electronics and medicines, almost everything is available for purchase over the web. Although shopping online might not be a new thing for you, but are you sure that you are doing it the smart way?

From protecting yourself against online shopping frauds and getting the best value for products, here are 5 important online shopping tips for smart online shopping that will make your experience of making purchases over the web better than ever:

Tip #01 – Make a Purchase Only Over HTTPS

HTTP has become obsolete now. Leave for a very few people and businesses, no one no longer uses the HyperText Transfer Protocol. Instead, we have HTTPS now, which is more robust and secure. Every HTTPS website has an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in place.

Tips for Smart Online Shopping

HTTPS is easily noticeable as the green lock symbol appearing at the very start of the address bar of your web browser. Unlike HTTP, information exchanged over HTTPS is encrypted. This means that the occurrence of malicious acts, such as identity theft, is minimized significantly.

To promote the use of HTTPS, even Google has started awarding better SERPs ranking to websites with HTTPS over websites without HTTPS. So, whenever doing online shopping ensure that you are purchasing only over HTTPS.

Tip #02 – Want to Try Some New Online Shopping Service? Do Your Homework Then

You need to do online shopping only from sources that you know, trust and have used before to ensure safety. In this way, you need not to worry about your purchases. However, it doesn’t hurt to try online shopping from new sources but you need to be alert.

Whenever you are to make your very first purchase from a new online shopping source, ensure safety and reliability first. The first step is to search a little about the source over the web to find out some important details. Further, check the website for a physical office address.

The next step is to check for seals from recognized consumer protection organizations, such as BBB (Better Business Bureau) and TRUSTe. Merely identifying the images isn’t enough as they can be easily copied and added to a website. Click on them to verify the same.

Tip #03 – Keep Looking for Coupons and Discounts

The most rewarding part of online shopping is that there are always some offers going on. Typically, online shopping portals allow the buyer to add a coupon code to claim some discount. These are available for a range of commodities, varying from clothing to airplane bookings.

Tips for Smart Online Shopping

However, the problem is that not every coupon code is readily available. You need to invest some decent time and effort in finding out such coupon codes. You might want to sign up and subscribe for newsletters and promotional emails from online shopping websites to get them.

Nonetheless, a workaround for this is to look for them at a coupon portal. Such websites enlist various ongoing offers, discounts, coupons, special offers, etc. that you can readily use to save a few bucks while shopping online.

Tip #04 – Check Out Comparison Portals

It is quite possible that a product that you are looking for at some online shopping website might also be available at some other online shopping website, and even at a lower price! So, how do you know that you are getting the best value? By using comparison websites.

Tips for Smart Online Shopping

There are a number of comparison websites that allow buyers to check whether they are getting the best value for the product they are shopping for or not! And if not, then where can they get the best value from.

Typically, comparison portals are dedicated to a particular niche. This means that they compare prices for a particular type of products, like smartphones, laptops, clothing, etc. Nonetheless, there are several of them to try.

Tip #05 – Thoroughly Review Return and Refund Policies

A very usual way in which online shoppers can get a souring experience is in the case of a return or refund. Different online shopping portals have a differing refund and return policies. Although buyers are expected to go through them, people usually skip them.

Moreover, if an online shopping website is seller-oriented then different products will be having different versions of the refund and return policies. Hence, you need to review the same thoroughly to understand what and what not will be considered a proper return and/or refund.

So, that completes the list of 5 best tips for smart online shopping. Hope these will make your online shopping experience better. Do you have some other important online shopping tips that you would like to share? Feel free to mention in the comments.

6 Essential Tips for Buying Best Laptop

6 Essential Tips for Buying Best Laptop. Laptops have become more popular than personal computers over the last decade. This is due to a galore of reasons, ranging from portability to the independence on working over a Li-ion battery rather than necessitating for direct electric input.

Varying from watching movies and playing games to working professionally, there are several use cases of laptops that vary with people. However, one thing that everyone will settle is to get the best laptop as per their requirements. So, how to get the best laptop?

Well, there is no universal solution for getting the best laptop. However, here are 6 tips for buying the best laptop:

Tip #01 – At Least 8 Hours of Battery Life

Battery life is an important consideration while opting for a laptop, or any electronic gadget for that matter. You need to opt for a laptop that offers at least 8 hours of playtime when away from an electric outlet.

Tips for Buying Best Laptop

Of course, gaming laptops have lesser battery backup which is obvious due to their humungous power requirements. When not being used for some spec-heavy tasks like gaming or web designing, a laptop should be able to survive for 8 hours or longer on its own.

Tip #02 – Choose the Right Screen Size

Typically, the screen size of laptops varies from 11-inch to 18-inch. The smaller the screen is, the lighter the laptop and hence, the easy to tag along. However, some tasks might require bigger screens like designing and working in split-screen.

Tips for Buying Best Laptop

If you’re someone always on the move then the 13 or 14-inch laptop will suit you. The smaller screens are better for children, although you can also opt for them if entertainment and gaining access to the Internet are your main purposes.

The 15-inch laptops are great if you need it to carry out research work, do web development, learn and earn with programming, et cetera. 17-inch and bigger laptops are only recommended if they are meant to stay on a desk for most of the times.

Tip #03 – Do you Really Need a Touchscreen?

Of course, a touchscreen laptop will be costly. However, it is better for multitasking and other tasks. Most touchscreen laptops allow you to easily switch between clamshell and tablet modes.

Tips for Buying Best Laptop

Typically, 2-in-1 laptops are costlier, have lesser battery life, and lightly spec-tuned compared to non-touchscreen laptops available in the same price point. Therefore, go for a touchscreen laptop only if you have to.

Tip #04 – Screen Resolution Should Be At the Very Least 1080p

Full HD or 1080p resolution is the new standard now. Anything smaller than that can infuriate you with scrolling webpages while reading as well as offering smaller space for stacking two windows side-by-side (split-screen). Resolutions bigger than 1080p are even better.

Tip #05 – The Right Operating System

You can opt for a laptop that comes prepackaged with an operating system, like Windows or Linux. But you can also go for a laptop that has only DOS installed on it so that you can manually install an operating system of your choice on it.

Tips for Buying Best Laptop

Chrome OS is a popular option for school children, while generally Windows and macOS are better for everyone. Professionals, especially working with cybersecurity and programming might like to opt for Linux. So, choose the OS wisely as per your requirements.

Tip #06 – Mind the Specs

You should pay consideration to the specs that you are getting in your budget. Having the maximum specs isn’t always the ideal thing. Instead, look for laptops that offer overall balanced specs that complement each other.

For instance, if you opt for a laptop that has bigger RAM but lesser processing power then the additional RAM won’t be of much use. Same can be said for the opposite case with more processing power but less RAM. Therefore, go for one with balanced specs.

Were these tips helpful or just jibber-jabber to you? Let us know by leaving your comments below!

5 Tried and Tested Tips for Buying Best Smartphone

5 Tried and Tested Tips for Buying Best Smartphone. You probably need a smartphone. I mean, that’s why you are here in the first place! The good thing about the smartphone market today is that it is always full of numerous opportune options. However, the downside of the same is that anyone with no concrete requirements will get flustered as to which one to choose and which ones to drop.

Worry not as to clear that very confusion is the sole intent of this blog post. In this article, we’ll be sharing some of the tried and tested smartphone buying tips that will make you make the right selection without getting too much confused and wasting oodles of time. So, off we go:

Tip #01Figure Out What Exactly do you Need the Smartphone for?

Before delving into looking for smartphones, the first thing that you need to resolve is the intent for which you want the smartphone. Do you want it for clicking selfies and taking panoramic snapshots? Would you like to play games on it? Or, you simply want a replacement?

Tips for Buying Best Smartphone

No matter what the reason is, you need to first clear it in your mind. Then, you need to look for the options and the specs. For example, if you need a smartphone for playing games then you must go for one with loads of RAM and processing power plus, good battery backup and a quick to response screen.

Tip #02Choosing an Operating System

With fewer exceptions, the smartphone market is mainly divided into two operating systems, Android and iOS. Although both smartphone operating systems are easy to use and provide support for a plethora of apps and games, there are some fundamental differences between the two.

Tips for Buying Best Smartphone

First of all, both operating systems have a different UI that one needs to get accustomed to. That’s the reason why people transitioning from Android to iOS and vice-versa usually find it somewhat challenging at first.

Android offers better customization options and is open-source. It comes with a range of services and apps offered by Google, Android’s owner. For someone used to Google Maps, Gmail, and Google Docs, Android is the go-to option. Android devices have a diverse range in terms of functionality as well as price. Hence, you get a multitude of options to choose from.

iOS offers a smooth experience. It offers better security over Android and has apps that are somewhat better than comparative Android apps. The updates are regular as well as there is a multitude of accessories available for iOS devices. The downside? It isn’t open-source and customization options are extremely limited. Also, iOS devices flaunt a premium price tag.

Nonetheless, both have their built-in virtual assistants. For Android devices, it is Google Assistant, while iOS comes prepackaged with the very capable Siri.

Tip #03Do your Homework!

Once you’ve underlined your requirements and selected the operating system, it is time to hunt for all the options that you can have. You need to do some research on every option that seems viable. If required, note down all important differences and highlights of each option that you have. It will help you trim your smartphone options list.

Tip #04 – Go through Reviews and Discussions

What can be better of a trusted resource than a person who has already used what you’re thinking to use! Going through reviews and discussions about the smartphones that you’ve already selected will help you further filter your options. Moreover, it will also help you know the issues, if any, that the device is suffering from.

Tips for Buying Best Smartphone

Tip #05 – Follow your Heart

If you’ve come across smartphone options that all seem to be befitting for your requirements, then it definitely becomes difficult to choose amongst them. For that, simply go for the one that you believe would be the right fit for you.

After all, it’s is you who is going to use the new smartphone at the end of the day. So, better to go for the one that your instincts tell you to than to regret later.

If you want to share your smartphone buying experience with us, we won’t mind at all! Simply state it in the dedicated comments section below. All the best!

5 Tried and Tested Tips for Buying Best Smartphone.