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6 Essential Tips for Buying Best Laptop

6 Essential Tips for Buying Best Laptop. Laptops have become more popular than personal computers over the last decade. This is due to a galore of reasons, ranging from portability to the independence on working over a Li-ion battery rather than necessitating for direct electric input.

Varying from watching movies and playing games to working professionally, there are several use cases of laptops that vary with people. However, one thing that everyone will settle is to get the best laptop as per their requirements. So, how to get the best laptop?

Well, there is no universal solution for getting the best laptop. However, here are 6 tips for buying the best laptop:

Tip #01 – At Least 8 Hours of Battery Life

Battery life is an important consideration while opting for a laptop, or any electronic gadget for that matter. You need to opt for a laptop that offers at least 8 hours of playtime when away from an electric outlet.

Tips for Buying Best Laptop

Of course, gaming laptops have lesser battery backup which is obvious due to their humungous power requirements. When not being used for some spec-heavy tasks like gaming or web designing, a laptop should be able to survive for 8 hours or longer on its own.

Tip #02 – Choose the Right Screen Size

Typically, the screen size of laptops varies from 11-inch to 18-inch. The smaller the screen is, the lighter the laptop and hence, the easy to tag along. However, some tasks might require bigger screens like designing and working in split-screen.

Tips for Buying Best Laptop

If you’re someone always on the move then the 13 or 14-inch laptop will suit you. The smaller screens are better for children, although you can also opt for them if entertainment and gaining access to the Internet are your main purposes.

The 15-inch laptops are great if you need it to carry out research work, do web development, learn and earn with programming, et cetera. 17-inch and bigger laptops are only recommended if they are meant to stay on a desk for most of the times.

Tip #03 – Do you Really Need a Touchscreen?

Of course, a touchscreen laptop will be costly. However, it is better for multitasking and other tasks. Most touchscreen laptops allow you to easily switch between clamshell and tablet modes.

Tips for Buying Best Laptop

Typically, 2-in-1 laptops are costlier, have lesser battery life, and lightly spec-tuned compared to non-touchscreen laptops available in the same price point. Therefore, go for a touchscreen laptop only if you have to.

Tip #04 – Screen Resolution Should Be At the Very Least 1080p

Full HD or 1080p resolution is the new standard now. Anything smaller than that can infuriate you with scrolling webpages while reading as well as offering smaller space for stacking two windows side-by-side (split-screen). Resolutions bigger than 1080p are even better.

Tip #05 – The Right Operating System

You can opt for a laptop that comes prepackaged with an operating system, like Windows or Linux. But you can also go for a laptop that has only DOS installed on it so that you can manually install an operating system of your choice on it.

Tips for Buying Best Laptop

Chrome OS is a popular option for school children, while generally Windows and macOS are better for everyone. Professionals, especially working with cybersecurity and programming might like to opt for Linux. So, choose the OS wisely as per your requirements.

Tip #06 – Mind the Specs

You should pay consideration to the specs that you are getting in your budget. Having the maximum specs isn’t always the ideal thing. Instead, look for laptops that offer overall balanced specs that complement each other.

For instance, if you opt for a laptop that has bigger RAM but lesser processing power then the additional RAM won’t be of much use. Same can be said for the opposite case with more processing power but less RAM. Therefore, go for one with balanced specs.

Were these tips helpful or just jibber-jabber to you? Let us know by leaving your comments below!

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